Stop Going it alone

Association management is hard enough — you don’t have to do it on an island.  We formed The CAM Collective because we believe great management companies deserve a great support system, too.

What we believe in

We heard the same pain points over and over from management company owners.  So we did the novel thing…and listened.

Sharing is caring

Management company owners tell us they feel like they're "on an island." So we built a community of peers to bounce ideas off of and learn with. No matter what your challenge, one of our Members has probably handled it before so you don't have to make the same mistakes.

Have a plan

Folks told us they didn't have a good retirement option -- after 20+ years of hard work, selling to a big company that would change the name and staff didn't feel right. So we started offering Transition Planning and equity investment to our Members, so they could take some chips off the table while protecting what they'd built.

If it ain't broke...

If you've built a sizable business, chances are you're doing something right. So we've never understood why some management company buyers immediately shake things up with centralized accounting and rebranding. Our thought is...why get in the way of a good thing?

People = success

In our industry, the only assets we have are our people. Attracting, training, and retaining the best people is the only way we know to succeed in this business. And we simply refuse to work with anyone who doesn't see it that way.

Our members are growing

Our roots are in Chicago, but we quickly found like-minded people in Virginia and beyond.


Communities Managed


Families served




contract renewal

First Community Management (FCM)

Chicago, IL

FCM has exclusively served Chicago’s mid-rise condominiums since 1998

National Realty Partners (NRP)

Herndon, VA

With more PCAM-certified managers than any local competitor, NRP is recognized as an expert in all things Common Interest Community


Are you next?

The Future, USA

Membership in The Collective is by invitation only, but we’re always looking for like-minded peers

If you are a manager who wants more out of her career…

…our member companies are hiring!  And training, and developing, and promoting.  We only partner with companies who think of association management as a career, not a job.  And with a network of member companies to work with, we can offer a path to more leadership, more autonomy, and more money.

Our mission

We exist to give management company owners another option — one that secures your future without compromising your identity and legacy

Our membership model

Joining The Collective is a two-way commitment.  We commit to…

Invest with you

We invest in all of our Members by taking 50-100% ownership. This gives Founders a long-overdue payday, but also means we only succeed when our Member Companies do.

Improve with you

With new capital and new manpower, Members get a chance to start checking off the things on their "if I only had time..." list. And with a network of peers who have been there, done that, that list gets a lot easier.

Grow with you

The Collective is about growth--because in our mind, that's a much better path to financial success than cost-cutting. We want every Member Company to become a respected local leader recognized for extraordinary service.

But don't take it from us...

Every one of our Member Companies was built over decades through blood, sweat, and tears.  Their leaders chose to join The Collective when they were ready to take the next step.

"The problem with selling to a local competitor or one of the national firms is that they are going to mold your clients and staff into their systems and, inevitably, many will leave. Bringing on partners helped me take a step back without any interruption for our clients and staff. I, on the other hand, have my nights back for the first time in 25 years."
Michael Rutkowski
FCM (Chicago)
"Our company creed is 'Associates First, Customers Second, and Bottom Line Third.' There aren't a lot of people--especially investors--that think that way. I still own part of the business, but got to secure my grandkids' future, and the name on the door isn't going anywhere."
Jim Foley
NRP (Virginia)
"When I was ready to retire, my business partner still had gas in the tank. We were worried about our exit strategy and about losing effectiveness. The Collective was the solution we didn't know was out there: I was able to retire comfortably, knowing my financial future is secure and that NRP's future is very bright."
Betsy Johns
NRP (Virginia)

If you're ready for your company's next step, let's talk

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